Stav Peres – a professional touch therapist.

Stav Peres – a professional touch therapist.

Arriving in Arad for the air and desert is really a great experience but Completing this experience with a professional massage is a perfect experience!
I am Stav Peres, a professional touch therapist. My family and I live in Arad and love the peace, quiet, atmosphere and the kind people. I invite you visitors and guests for a variety of massages.
You can come to the clinic and you can also invite me to the accommodation units in a place that allows the work space,
I recommend that you choose between the following treatments:

Thai massage
- the treatment is done on a special and orthopedic mattress and in full clothing (training, tights), loosens and strengthens muscle flexibility.
The treatment focuses mainly on the area of the muscles of the legs, arms and shoulder muscles.

Swedish / combined / deep tissue massage -
the treatment is done on a treatment bed, with shea butter that nourishes the skin. The strength and depth of treatment is tailored to the patient's wishes.
You can incorporate a focus on a specific area or facilitate certain perceptions.

All treatments are for a minimum of one hour of treatment, it is also possible to perform a treatment of an hour and a half or more.

Book the treatment that suits you in advance so that you can ensure the existence of the treatment.
you can also book for weekends / holidays by prior arrangement.

* All treatments are professional only and are done according to the required certification or according to the benefit of the patient and at the discretion of the therapist.
Stav Peres a professional touch therapist.
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Phone for reservations and WhatsApp: 0547995378