Rinat Tamir – dream catchers

Rinat Tamir – dream catchers

Dream catcher aims to filter out bad dreams, and let good dreams pass.
In addition to being a dream catcher - it is a beautiful decoration.
Dream catchers are made with lots of love and good energy and In a personal and unique thought for each and every one who orders a catcher.
To the dream catchers Rinat adds real gems with different energies and blessings - this makes the catcher more powerful and blessed. A variety of materials are used to embroider and weave the dream catcher. You can choose a size / color / caption / stone and decorations according to personal request.

dream catchers workshop - it is possible to coordinate workshops from the age of 6 and up (formation days, birthdays, bat mitzvahs, etc ...)

"Only good dreams will be allowed to pass the filter, bad dreams will remain in the net and disappear in daylight"

Additional works that can be ordered:
-Shaped branches
-Macrame works
-Dream catchers / macrame keychains
-Plates of energy stones
- Gift boxes and more ...

Ways to contact: Mobile: 050-6347677 Instagram: rinat_tamir \ rinat_dreamcatcher Facebook: rinat tamir \ rinat dream catcher