The Arad Tourism Association is a young organization founded  by two local tourism people, who saw great importance in strengthening tourism to the city of Arad, the county city of the Eastern Negev, so that the beautiful city can realize the tourism potential that exists here.


The Arad Tourism Association was registered as an association in 2014, and with the generous support of the Ness fund, works to implement the Association’s vision of economic prosperity of Arad through the development of sustainable local tourism in the Judean Desert, along with conservation of the local natural resources.


The vision of the association

Economic development by strengthening the local tourism industry




  • Sustainable Local Economy

Support of small and medium-sized tourism businesses

  • Collaboration

Promoting collaborations between members of the association, between members of the association and the municipality, and with large organizations operating in the Arad region

  • Natural resources Conservation

Helping to conserve natural resources in the Judean Desert by promoting the development of sustainable and environmentally friendly tourism initiatives


Among the members of the association are some of Arad’s major tourism businesses, such as Kfar Honokdim, Muza Bar Restaurant, Inbar Hotel and Yahelim Boutique Hotel, along with a line of hosts in guestrooms, vacation rentals and accommodations, tour guides, artists, EatWith options and more.